It’s not enough that your website is functional and visually appealing. While it may have all the bells and whistles of what a good website should be, your efforts will all be naught if it can’t get page views, or if no one can find it on the Internet. Hence, it’s necessary to get certain features of your website optimised to help it get higher rankings in search engines.

SEO and your website

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of promoting websites to search engines through optimisation of web pages and their contents. However, optimisation alone won’t help guarantee conversions of the traffic you have gained. Along with optimisation of your website is taking care of your online reputation.

As Google also looks into who’s linking to your website and what they have to say, our team of SEO specialists will also ensure that:

  1. We’ll only get good backlinks to your website
  2. All negative SEO will be pushed down below the rankings, while good reviews and customer

feedback remain on the top of the rankings along your website.

We’ll make sure that your website will not only be ranking, but ranking for a very good reason.

SEO and how it can get you more customers

Google has now taken the lion share of all Internet queries, thus making it your key gateway towards getting more people to look into your products and services. And with the advent of mobile web, the Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life, with a lot of people becoming more attached to their mobile devices than any other gadgets they have. Hence, it is important that your website rises above the competition in terms of search rankings (and stay there), or else, it fades into obscurity. It must be searchable across platforms, be it on mobile or desktop.

Our SEO experts will not only look at statistics based on desktop views and queries, but also on mobile view and queries.

Why we’re different

Search engines are not fool proof. Over the past few decades, many SEO ninjas have found loopholes, which could help them boost their position in search engines, despite having little or no online presence within the industry. But over time, Google has found ways to penalise these websites via drops in rankings and revenues.

We at Victus Digital believe that creating genuine buzz and earning our place online through hard work and honest strategizing is the best way to create a sustainable search engine result. Hence, we’d like to work closely with you to gain insights on your products and services, as well as your target market.

We pride ourselves in finding the most creative way possible to connect and engage with your loyal fan base and turn them into brand evangelists.

Contact us TODAY to know how Search Engine Optimisation can help you establish your online reputation, thus garnering you more traffic and revenue.