Your brand is not just the centre point of your marketing strategy. It is also sets the groundwork for

your business. It represents your company: its story, its values, and its personality, and it is what sets it

apart from your competition.


Hence, it is important that your brand must not only exempifies what your company is all about, but

must also be able to build a lasting impression on its target audience.

Our team here at Victus Digital specializes in branding and have worked with many businesses from a

wide array of industries on both brand creation and strategy. We can help you on every phase of

branding, from the creation process, right through brand extension strategies.


Brand discovery

We always start our branding strategy with a deep dive research and analysis of your current brand and

marketing strategies. We’ll take time to discover your current brand, and research on its strengths and

weaknesses. We’ll also look into your company’s competitors to help us assess your brand positioning,

as well as look for possible opportunities for differentiation to help you create a “standout” brand for

your company.


Logo development and design

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. Hence, it must not only best embody your company,

but it must also help your brand create a lasting impression.

Our graphic team can help you create a striking and iconic logo for your company, or give your existing

logo a complete overhaul. They will with you through various phases of logo creation, from

conceptualization, presentation of different options, and finally completion of your logo and its

alternate versions for use across different platforms and media.


Corporate identity

Our next step after creating or overhauling your company logo is to create guidelines on how to properly

use your company logo, fonts, brand values and tone of voice all across communication levels. Our

talented marketing and design team have helped companies and institutions from various industries

create brand identities for themselves, from schools to hotels. Check out our portfolio (link to portfolio



Graphic design

The design of all of your marketing materials must bind all the efforts we have made to improve your

company’s brand identity. A successful graphic design is one devoid of flashy clutter, or oversimplicity.

Each element of a successful design must have a purpose and must be well thought off.

Our team of expert graphic designers can help you tie all your marketing efforts together by creating a

design that speaks heaps about your company and your marketing objectives.

Take a look at our portfolio here to see our works.

If you’d like to speak to one of our Marketing and Branding consultants, contact us TODAY.